Major Democratic Left of Center Parties


  1. Democracies are defined as only those 86 countries defined as "free" by Freedom House in their 2001-2002 Freedom House Survey of Freedom.  86 countries out of 192 surveyed are defined as "free," but 121 are determined by Freedom House as "electoral democracies."
  2. Only official party sites are listed.
  3. Only parties with at least four percent of the seats in national parliaments are included below.
  4. Socialist:  Center left.  Parties are mostly member of Socialist International (SI).
  5. Party names are almost always only listed below in English.
  6. Most official websites are entirely or partly in English, but some websites are only in the native language of the country of that party.
  1. Social Democratic Party (PS)  [Andorra]
  2. Alternative for a Republic of Equals (ARI)  [Argentina]
  3. Front for a Country in Solidarity (FREPASO)  [Argentina]
  4. Labour (ALP)SI  [Australia]
  5. Greens  [Austria]
  6. Social Democratic Party (SPO)SI  [Austria]
  7. Barbados Labour Party (BLP)SI  [Barbados]
  8. Agalev (Flemish Green Party)  [Belgium]
  9. Ecolo (Walloon Greens)  [Belgium]
  10. Flemish Socialists (SP)SI  [Belgium]
  11. Walloon Socialists (PS)SI  [Belgium]
  12. People's United Party (PUP)  [Belize]
  13. Action for Renewal and Development (FARD)  [Benin]
  14. Social Democratic Party (PSD)SI*  [Benin]
  15. Conscience of the Fatherland (CONDEPA)  [Bolivia]
  16. Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR)SI  [Bolivia]
  17. Movement Towards Socialsim (MAS)  [Bolivia]
  18. Botswana National Front (BNF)SI**  [Botswana]
  19. LabourSI  [Britain]
  20. Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)  [Bulgaria]
  21. African Party of Cape Verde's Independence (PAICV)SI  [Cape Verde]
  22. Party for Democracy (PPD)SI  [Chile]
  23. Socialist Party (PS)SI  [Chile]
  24. National Liberation Party (PLN)SI  [Costa Rica]
  25. Social Democrats (SDP)SI  [Croatia]
  26. Progressive Party of the Working People (AKEL)  [Cyprus]
  27. Social Democratic Movement (KISOS)  [Cyprus]
  28. Communist Party (KSCM)  [Czech Republic]
  29. Social Democrats (CSSD)SI  [Czech Republic]
  30. Radical Left-Social Liberal Party (RV)ELDR and LI  [Denmark]
  31. Social Democrats (SD)SI  [Denmark]
  32. Socialist People's Party (SF)  [Denmark]
  33. Dominica Labour Party (DLP)SI*  [Dominica]
  34. United Worker's Party (UWP)  [Dominica]
  35. Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD)SI   [Dominican Republic]
  36. Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN)  [El Salvador]
  37. Estonian United People's Party {EURP)  [Estonia]
  38. Moderates (M)  [Estonia]
  39. Green League (VIHR)  [Finland]
  40. Leftist Alliance (VAS)  [Finland]
  41. Social Democrats (SDP)SI  [Finland]
  42. Communist Party (PCF)  [France]
  43. SocialistSI  [France]
  44. Alliance'90/Greens  [Germany]
  45. Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS)  [Germany]
  46. Social Democrats (SDP)SI  [Germany]
  47. National Democratic Congress (NDC)  [Ghana]
  48. Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK)SI  [Greece]
  49. People's National Congress (PNC/Reform)  [Guyana]
  50. People's Progressive Party (PPP/Civic)  [Guyana]
  51. Socialists (MSzP)SI*  [Hungary]
  52. Alliance (SF)  [Iceland]
  53. Left-Green Alliance (VG) [Iceland]
  54. Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M)  [India]
  55. Janata Dal  [India]

  56. Socialist Party (SP)  [India]

  57. Telugu Desam (TDP)  [India]
  58. Fine Gael (FG)CDI and EPP  [Ireland]
  59. LabourSI  [Ireland]
  60. LaborSI  [Israel]
  61. MeretzSI  [Israel]
  62. Democrats  [Italy]
  63. Democrats of the Left (DS)SI  [Italy]
  64. People's National Party (PNP)SI  [Jamaica]
  65. Japanese Communist Party (JCP)  [Japan]
  66. Social Democratic Party (SDP)  [Japan]
  67. People’s Harmony Party (TSP)  [Latvia]
  68. Social Democratic Workers' Party (LSDSP)SI  [Latvia]
  69. Free List (FL)  [Liechtenstein]
  70. Lithuanian Democratic Workers' Party (LDDP)  [Lithuania]
  71. Social Democratic Party (LSDP)SI  [Lithuania]
  72. Greens  [Luxembourg]
  73. Socialists Workers Party (LSAP)SI  [Luxembourg]
  74. Labour (MLP)SI  [Malta]
  75. Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM)SI*  [Mauritius]
  76. Mauritian Socialist Movement (MSM)  [Mauritius]
  77. Mauritius Labour Party (PTr)SI  [Mauritius]
  78. Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD)SI  [Mexico]
  79. Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP)SI**  [Mongolia]
  80. South West African People's Organization (SWAPO)  [Namibia]
  81. D-66ELDR and LI  [Netherlands]
  82. Green Left  [Netherlands]
  83. Labour (PvdA)SI  [Netherlands]
  84. Socialist Party (SP)  [Netherlands]
  85. Alliance  [New Zealand]
  86. Green Party  [New Zealand]
  87. Labour (NZLP)SI  [New Zealand]
  88. Labour Party (DNA)SI  [Norway]
  89. Socialist Left Party (SV)  [Norway]
  90. Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD)SI*  [Panama]
  91. Solidarity Party (PS)  [Panama]
  92. Melanesian Alliance  [Papua New Guinea]
  93. American Revolutionary People's Alliance (APRA)  [Peru]
  94. Liberal Party (LP)LI  [Philippines]
  95. Alliance of Democratic Left (SLD)SI  [Poland]
  96. Polish People's Party (PSL)  [Poland]
  97. Union of Labour (UP)SI  [Poland]
  98. Communists (PCP)  [Portugal]
  99. Socialists (PS)SI  [Portugal]
  100. Democratic Party (PD)SI  [Romania]
  101. Social Democratic Party (PSD)  [Romania]
  102. Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP)SI*  [Saint Kitts and Nevis]
  103. Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP)SI*  [Saint Lucia]
  104. Unity Labour Party (ULP)SI*  [Saint Vincent & the Grenadines]
  105. Party of Democracy (PD)  [San Marino]
  106. Socialists (PSS)SI  [San Marino]
  107. Liberation Movement of São Tomé and Príncipe (MLSTP)  [São Tomé and Príncipe]
  108. Party of Civic Understanding (SOP)  [Slovakia]
  109. Party of the Democratic Left (SDL)SI  [Slovakia]
  110. Social Democrats (SDSS)  [Slovenia]
  111. United List of Social Democrats of Slovenia (ZL)SI  [Slovenia]
  112. African National Congress (ANC)SI  [South Africa]
  113. Socialists Workers Party (PSOE)SI  [Spain]
  114. Labor Party (SPA)  [Suriname]

  115. National Party (NPS)  [Suriname]

  116. Progressive Reform Party (VHP)ODCA  [Suriname]

  117. Greens  [Sweden]
  118. Left Party (VP)  [Sweden]
  119. Social Democrats (SAP)SI  [Sweden]
  120. Greens (GPS)  [Switzerland]
  121. Social Democrats (SP/PS)SI  [Switzerland]
  122. Democratic Party (DP)  [Thailand]
  123. Democrats  [United States]
  124. Colorado Party (PC)  [Uruguay]
  125. New Space (NE)  [Uruguay]
  126. Progressive Encounter (EP-FA)  [Uruguay]
  127. Greens  [Vanuatu]
  128. Party of our Land (VP)  [Vanuatu]
  129. Vanuatu National United Party (NUP)  [Vanuatu]


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