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Third Circuit Eighth Circuit Federal Circuit
Fourth Circuit Ninth Circuit Armed Forces
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2nd Circuit 7th Circuit District of Columbia
3rd Circuit 8th Circuit The Federal Circuit
4th Circuit 9th Circuit for the Armed Forces
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Federal District Courts Official Websites
Alabama Middle Kansas Ohio Northern
Alabama Northern Kentucky Eastern Ohio Southern
Alabama Southern Kentucky Western Oklahoma Eastern
Alaska Louisiana Eastern Oklahoma Northern
Arizona Louisiana Middle Oklahoma Western
Arkansas Eastern Louisiana Western Oregon
Arkansas Western Maine Pennsylvania Eastern
California Central Maryland Pennsylvania Middle
California Eastern Massachusetts Pennsylvania Western
California Northern Michigan Eastern Rhode Island
California Southern Michigan Western South Carolina
Colorado Minnesota South Dakota
Connecticut Mississippi Northern Tennessee Eastern
Delaware Mississippi Southern Tennessee Middle
District of Columbia Missouri Eastern Tennessee Western
Florida Middle Missouri Western Texas Eastern
Florida Northern Montana Texas Northern
Florida Southern Nebraska Texas Southern
Georgia Middle Nevada Texas Western
Georgia Northern New Hampshire Utah
Georgia Southern New Jersey Vermont
Hawaii New Mexico Virginia Eastern
Idaho New York Eastern Virginia Western
Illinois Central New York Northern Washington Eastern
Illinois Northern New York Western Washington Western
Illinois Southern North Carolina Eastern West Virginia Northern
Indiana Northern North Carolina Middle West Virginia Southern
Indiana Southern North Carolina Western Wisconsin Eastern
Iowa Northern North Dakota Wisconsin Western
Iowa Southern   Wyoming
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  First Circuit Maine Rhode Island
Massachusetts Puerto Rico  
New Hampshire
  Second Circuit Connecticut New York Western
New York Eastern Vermont  
New York Northern
  Third Circuit Delaware Pennsylvania Middle
New Jersey Pennsylvania Western
Pennsylvania Eastern Virgin Islands
  Fourth Circuit Maryland Virginia Eastern
North Carolina Eastern Virginia Western
North Carolina Middle West Virginia Northern
North Carolina Western West Virginia Southern  
South Carolina
  Fifth Circuit Louisiana Eastern Texas Eastern
Louisiana Middle Texas Northern
Louisiana Western Texas Southern
Mississippi Northern Texas Western  
Mississippi Southern
  Sixth Circuit Kentucky Eastern Ohio Southern
Kentucky Western Tennessee Eastern
Michigan Eastern Tennessee Middle
Michigan Western Tennessee Western  
Ohio Northern
  Seventh Circuit Illinois Central Indiana Southern
Illinois Northern Wisconsin Eastern
Illinois Southern Wisconsin Western
Indiana Northern West Virginia Southern
  Eighth Circuit Arkansas Eastern Missouri Eastern
Arkansas Western Missouri Western
Iowa Northern Nebraska
Iowa Southern North Dakota
Minnesota South Dakota
  Ninth Circuit Alaska Idaho
Arizona Montana
California Central Nevada
California Eastern Northern Mariana Islands
California Northern Oregon
California Southern Washington Eastern
Guam Washington Western  
  Tenth Circuit Colorado Oklahoma Northern
Kansas Oklahoma Western
New Mexico Utah
Oklahoma Eastern Wyoming
  Eleventh Circuit Alabama Middle Florida Southern
Alabama Northern Georgia Middle
Alabama Southern Georgia Northern
Florida Middle Georgia Southern  
Florida Northern
DC Circuit District of Columbia    
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Federal Claims International Trade Tax
Territorial District Courts Official Websites
Guam Puerto Rico
Northern Mariana Islands Virgin Islands
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